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As Jesus reminds us that he is the vine and we are the branches, and it is the branches through which nourishment enlivens the vine, so it is with parish ministries. There are many ministries by which our parish is enriched – some of which require occasional participation, and others which entail regular service. One does not become a parishioner simply by attending Sunday Mass. Your involvement in one of these ministries will not only enrich your life, but it will also vitalize the communion of faith we enjoy at St Joseph Parish


Catholics believe the Eucharist is both a sacrifice and a meal. We believe in the real presence of Jesus, who died for our sins. As we receive Christ’s Body and Blood, we also are nourished spiritually and brought closer to God. Your willingness to serve as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Eucharist, reflects not only response to your Baptismal call to serve the people of God, but a commitment to Christ as you share in the preaching, teaching and leading aspects of the church. Eucharistic Ministers prayerfully serve the people of St Joseph Catholic Parish by distributing the Body and Blood of Christ during mass on Saturday and Sunday masses.

To become involved with this ministry please contact Manny Reis at 519-803-6434.

To access Eucharistic Minister's schedule: April to June 2024


Altar servers fulfill an important ministry which enhances the celebration of the Mass.  Altar Serving is one of the ways our young people can begin to contribute to the mass and live out their Baptismal promises by serving others and being witnesses to their faith in Jesus Christ.  By serving at the Altar and assisting the priest, Altar Servers have the opportunity to celebrate the Mass with more active participation.

Boys and girls in Grade 3 and above are eligible to serve.  Servers are provided with a schedule and training, and scheduling is flexible.

For more information please contact Parish Office.


A Minister of the Word proclaims the first or second reading from Sacred Scripture and Prayers of the Faithful at Mass. The Minister of the Word (Lector) at Mass has an important function in relation to the gathered faithful. The lector’s proclamation should communicate to each person in the assembly that the message is important to them for their conversion and faith journey. As Catholics we believe that the Scriptures are the inspired Word of God. The Word teaches, inspires, reprimands and warns. It is a gift that leads us to sacramental encounter with the living Lord, a gift that shapes our lives as Christian. Proclaiming God's word is a very special kind of reading.

For more information please contact Ed Reyes at 519-821-7555.


To access the Lector's Schedule for January to June 2024, click here



Music and prayer go hand in hand. Music enhances our prayer experience as we come together to know and worship God. Experiences of beauty are a profound encounter with God which is why we place an important emphasis on music ministry for our liturgical and community life. 

There are a variety of groups of varying size and style who provide music ministry for our liturgies. For more information on our Celebration Singers contact Chito Arcega at 519-836-5802 or for our church choirs please contact either Harry Haliburton at 519-821-6077 or Karen Grignon at 519-766-0808.

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The Children's Liturgy is offered at our 10:15am Sunday Mass from September - June to those in JK to Grade 2.

The children who attend are taught a simplified main message of the Scripture readings and are encouraged to share that message with their parents after Mass. All are welcome.


Families whose children are enrolled in public or private schools, are home schooled, or for other reasons unable to attend Catholic School may consider our Religious Education program which is an enriching faith-development program. This program is available for children from Kindergarten through to Grade 7. The program is intended for children not currently receiving religious instruction in a school setting. These programs are beneficial to families wishing to engage in faith development as well.

For more information contact Donna Haley at 519-822-9742.


Registration form click here

St Joseph Catholic Parish Children's Choir

Do you like to sing? Children and Youth from Grades 2 to 12 are invited to join our new St. Joseph Parish Children’s Choir which will sing at the 10:15am Mass on the first Sunday of every month during the school year. We will also sing on Christmas Eve! Our first Sunday Mass will be on November 5th with two practices on Thursday, October 19th and Thursday, November 2nd from 6 - 6:45 p.m. in the church. Information Handouts are available at the back of the church or by clicking here. Please contact Mrs. Gooyers via email at for more information or just show up to the first practice!

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