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“I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth. The one who plants and the one who waters have a common purpose, and each will receive wages according to the labour of each. For we are God’s servants, working together; you are God’s field, God’s building.” 1 Cor 3: 6-9


Through the grace of God, the Diocese of Hamilton erected St. Joseph Parish in 1952. The parish began with 300 families. Over the years, through good times and challenging times, we have been able to build a new church (1964), which was renovated in 1990, 1991 and in 2001 with the Church interior. We have grown to over 4,900 registered members, thanks to the Holy Spirit, priests and parishioners. During this current challenging time, we have the opportunity to continue to provide for the stewardship and growth of St. Joseph Parish and Hamilton Diocese.” 
Very Reverend Jeff Bergsma

What is One Heart One Soul Campaign?

One Heart One Soul Campaign is first and foremost about the renewal and transformation of parishes in the Diocese of Hamilton. That’s why 75 to 85 percent of the funds raised will go toward our Parish projects. The remaining 25 -20% will go the shared ministries (Campus Ministry, Hospital Ministry, Prison Ministry, Migrant Workers Ministry)

What Does this mean for St Joseph Parish?

The aim of St Joseph Parish campaign is to bring vitality, promote participation in parish life and evangelize and serve our parish community. This campaign will help us to provide St. Joseph with the opportunity to continue to water the seeds that were planted by Msgr. Hawkins and the first parishioners of our parish.

Parish Campaign Projects:
  1. Replenishing operating budget ($250,000) - The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on each of us, in many and varying ways, and we pray that every St. Joseph family will find the strength to persevere through any adversity. In this need for perseverance, our parish is no exception. Because of the shutdown earlier this year and the limits we have faced since then, St. Joseph’s has suffered financially and in the ways of community building. This campaign gives us the chance to come together not only in restoring our financial health, but in communicating with one another about our parish’s future. To those ends, campaign volunteers will be reaching out personally to as many fellow parishioners as possible, and the first $250,000 in gifts will be directed toward our operating budget.

  2. Replacement of church Air Conditioning System - ($40,000) The air conditioning has been running at 75% and will need to be replaced.

  3. Parish Stewardship Fund ($600,000) - St. Joseph’s has a number of maintenance needs that will require funding in the relatively near future. One significant example would be the expectation that the church roof will need replacing within five to 10 years. A robust stewardship fund will allow us to prepare for that kind of expense and others like it without having to take on debt, and to put us in a better position to deal with other unforeseen challenges beyond COVID-19. The amount that we place in this fund will rise with our campaign fundraising. The more we raise beyond our minimum goal, the more secure our parish’s financial future will be!

  4. New Evangelization Ministry ($85,000 to $100,000) - This new ministry will faithfully uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church and promote St Joseph Parish mission - ...... This ministry will oversea the effective implementation to develop missionary disciples with a special emphasis on the coordination with youth and adult faith formation programs. This will be done by creating a part-time position. This position plays an active role in parish leadership, volunteer recruitment and coordination, program and ministry support. In coordination with the Pastor and office staff this person will utilize new means of social media to enhance St Joseph's presence on the internet.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where will donors send their gifts, and where will the money be kept?

Donors’ gifts and pledges wil­­l be held in trust for the parish and initially kept in a dedicated diocesan account. The Diocese will disburse the parishes’ funds to them after the payments have been received and the parish is ready to undertake their projects. The campaign’s Clergy Committee has worked with the Diocese to outline when the funds will be distributed to the parishes.

Why can’t I just support my parish directly?

Frankly, we hope you continue to support your parish directly through your regular Sunday giving. This campaign is not intended to divert funds that go toward normal operating needs. The campaign is a special effort to meet needs that go beyond the routine and that can help to set up parishes (and the Diocese) to thrive for years to come. In short, supporting this campaign is supporting your parish directly – as well as other parishes in need and various diocesan ministries.

What kind of financial transparency can we expect during the campaign and beyond?

Transparency is a top priority for the Diocese. Summaries of diocesan financial reports from 2012 through 2018 are on the diocesan website, and copies of the full reports are available from the Diocese’s financial office. Regular updates of campaign goals, projects and fundraising will be communicated during the campaign through a number of avenues – the website, emails, social media, to name a few.

How can I make a gift or pledge to the campaign?

There will be a number of ways to make a gift or make payments on your pledge to the campaign, including:

  • Setting up a pre-authorized gift (automatic withdrawal) from a chequing account

  • Setting up a recurring credit card payment

  • Paying by cash or cheque through the mail

  • Making a stock or securities transfer


Is there a campaign website?

Yes – It has many more Frequently Asked Questions, information about the parishes that have already conducted the campaign, a campaign video and much more. Give it a look!



What is the timeline for the campaign at St. Joseph?

The campaign is divided into four “waves” of parishes, and St. Joseph is part of the current wave. The parish is in the preparation phase of the campaign, and a leadership team is hard at work. The Kickoff Weekend of the active campaign will be September 26/27, 2020 and the public phase – when parishioners will be asked to make a pledge – will last until November 7/8, 2020 weekend.


What will the funds raised at St. Joseph be used for?

A renovation of the church interior is high on the list of projects, which may also include items such as air conditioning for the church and a contingency fund. Details will be developed as we approach our campaign kickoff. Contact our campaign leadership team if you want to weigh in on the project.


How can I help with the St. Joseph campaign?

There are a number of ways parishioners can help with this important effort. Please consider volunteering! The leadership team includes the members below. Contact any if you can help or have questions:

  • Tracy Bolzon, 519-822-4614

  • Donna Haley, 519-822-9742

  • Jim Rooney, 519- 824-4322

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